Auditing & Consultancy services we offer:

We provide auditing and consultancy services to aid you in the safe and efficient running of your facility. 

Our auditor / consultant is an industry expert and Member of the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG), with years of experience in swimming pool operations and management.

Swimming Pool and Aquatic Environment Health & Safety auditing

As part of our audit services we will attend your site and survey its performance over a number of categories, including the swimming pool and surrounding environment, the pool plant / pump room and a check of the relevant legal and Health & Safety documentation.

It will help in ensuring your venue is compliant with local regulations as well as following international best practice and assist you with the safe and effective running of your swimming pool.


As part of our consultancy services we will conduct a review of your sites performance and provide assistance and advice on how to manage your swimming pool. We assist with the development of required documentation, such as Pool Safety Operating Procedures (including NOP & EAP), Lifeguard Zone Visibility tests and risk assessments, to ensure compliance with local regulations and international best practice.

 We will aid you in running a safe and effective swimming pool and environment, advising you on matters such as timetabling, signage and safety features around the pool, as well as the pool plant room.
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